Collection: Isobel Rooke - Still Life Paintings

Isobel grew up in rural Kent, in a creative home. Whilst she set aside formal study of
art after A Level to study for a degree in History, and later a Masters in the
Anthropology of Food, she continued to paint in her free time and to develop her
skills and personal style.

Isobel moved to Yorkshire after university in 2012 and now lives in Yarm with her
husband, two young children, two dogs and two cats. Her creativity has continued to
be a vital outlet alongside her work in marketing and communications. She
completes private commissions and exhibits locally.

Whilst she also works on landscapes and animals, her primary focus on still life
emerged at the time of the pandemic, which coincided with starting a family. Whilst
she initially felt these to be limitations on her creativity, they in fact opened a new
avenue for her artwork, exploring how she can create art from the items within her
home, fruit, flowers, glass and metalware, in those ‘Snippets of Time’.
Isobel uses a bold palette and large brushstrokes to bring new vibrancy to more
traditional still life arrangements. She works predominantly in acrylic, using striking
colour, and preferring to work on larger pieces. She also loves to use gold leaf as a
further twist on a traditional still life.