Collection: Peter Heaton Artist Photographer

Peter Heaton Artist Photographer

Peter takes a subject and through his camera lens they become haunting
and magical and stay in the mind. Photographs that transcend technique,
(although important) into a strong and powerful visual art form. The
images create a kind of visual alchemy, that draws the spectator in".
John Sprakes, painter, RBA RO.

Whilst Landscape often forms the obvious subject matter of Peter’s work,
there is also a concern of working with what has been termed ‘Spirit of
Place’. He is driven to create something that has resonance, feeling and
meaning. This can manifest itself in complex detailed, layered images, or
simpler balanced harmonious compositions with internal space. The
transformative qualities of the British weather and the subsequent fleeting
changes to the lighting that it creates, are central to Peter’s work. These
conditions enable one to be able to view the familiar and see the
unfamiliar, and in an instant can make the mundane interesting, and the
interesting invisible…

Peter studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and later gained an
M.A. in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University. He has continued
to exhibit widely since 1987, his work being featured in many
publications and on both BBC and ITV Television. He has work in
private collections in Europe and the USA.