Collection: Danielle Pilling - Studio 9 Ceramics

Studio 9 Ceramics is a small-batch ceramics studio based in Sedgefield, County Durham, created by artist and ceramicist Danielle Pilling.
Danielle is a studio potter living and working in North East England. Her work is influenced by the natural beauty of the local coastline. Working from photographic references and sketches drawn on location, she begins to blur these recordings in her studio with her memory, imagination and abstract mark making. Danielle’s painting is integral to her ceramic practice as it provides a process of observation of both colour and texture that she aspires to capture in her ceramics thus creating a journey where the final ceramic piece is a three-dimensional response to her paintings.
Danielle’s main body of work is hand thrown ceramic vessels. She is currently throwing increasingly larger pieces that provide a canvas for experimental stoneware glaze decoration as well as some that are small and delicate. The juxtaposition between the organised shape and form of her pieces along with the abstract and often expressionistic glaze offers an element of balance and self-expression through her work.
"My aim is to evoke a feeling of memory providing a felt experience of the landscape allowing the viewer to interpret the marks within each piece."